Patterns of Life



For years there have been stories and films made about people from Mars coming to our world in their flying saucers. From the flying saucers came armies of Martians ready to take over the world. They were pictured as people of a superior knowledge than any human being. They were smaller than people here, but able to move at great speed and showed enormous endurance to combat earth’s armies.


Now after seven years of planning and a cost of $933million, the ‘InSight’ probe safely touched down on Mars at 7am on 20 November 2018. This was a memorable day as there had been many attempts to make a landing, but this was the first successful landing. Now, with the use of the probe, data about the planet will be collected and transmitted back to NASA to determine whether life can be sustained on Mars as well as to determine what minerals could be there.


This landing did not have the same publicity as the landing on the moon with astronauts walking on the surface of the moon and collecting various samples. However, the Mars landing is no less significant in the outer space exploration.


A question has been asked as to whether God could be found on Mars. If we believe in the God of creation of the universe then the answer must be yes. If we believe in the omnipresence of God, a quality possessed by God alone (meaning to be everywhere at the same time) and if the astronauts who have travelled in space have made statements to the magnificence of God’s handiwork in what they saw, then God would have a presence on Mars.


The more important issue for us mere earthlings is to know the presence of God with us and our importance to him. The significance of this is seen in many statements Jesus made. Not one sparrow falls to the ground without your Father’s will. He knows the number of hairs on your head and he knows what you need before you ask. We can speculate on many things about God and what he does and doesn’t do, but the one thing we do know that in the opening verses of John’s Gospel we read: In the beginning  was the Word (Jesus) and through him he created the heavens and the earth. But then it wasn’t enough for Jesus to be involved in the creation but for him to come to earth and represent God to us. Through the season of Christmas we remember the reason for the season – God sending his Son to call us to a living faith in Jesus and through this, experience the mystical presence of God with us.


Pastor Robert Arnold

Kyabram Baptist Church











































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