Patterns of Life


Pie In The Sky

Len and Diane had just announced their engagement. They were so happy at the prospect of the marriage in the near future. They were please to share their excitement with friends and family of what they had planned for their wedding and their future thereafter.


People listened with great interest to what they shared and it all sound wonderful until someone began to ask probing questions about their future plans. They were told not to be disappointed if you don’t achieve what you are aiming for since it is unlikely to happen. It seemed a strange thing to say to the happy couple and asked what was meant be the comment. The answer received was to say: what you are talking about is all fantasy which is not likely to happen. Your dreams are just pie in the sky.


How deflating for the couple to be told that their dreams will not materialise without offering any suggestions to encourage them that in working together they can keep their dream alive to ultimately achieve their goal.


Some would suggest that being a Christian and seeing the ultimate goal is to be forever with the Lord in eternity it is all pie in the shy or wishful thinking. However, here on earth when we commit our life to Christ we begin a friendship of love and service and each day learning what it means to have a richer and deeper relationship until we will see him face to face.


As for the young couple they would be encouraged  to grow closer to each other, working together, being there for one another through times of success and loneliness, in times of excitement and in disappointment, giving praise when something has been achieved worthy of praise. Such is the case in our relationship with Christ, to know him, growing to be like him, never forgetting to say thank you for the blessing received. Being open in our praise and thanksgiving. Through this simple formula, then what we desire will not be pie in the sky but become a reality in our lives.


You might like to ponder on this prayer of Richard of Chichester:

Thanks be to you, my Lord Jesus Christ,

For all the benefits you have won for me,

For all the pains and insults you have borne for me,

O most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,

May I know you more clearly,

Love you more dearly,

And follow you more nearly,

For ever and ever. Amen


Robert Arnold

Pastor, Kyabram Baptist Church






































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