Patterns of Life



There are many stores where we can go and purchase articles for the house which comes with instructions of how to assemble or install the article. The instructions are not always as easy to follow as the manufacturers would suggest, so you resort to the computer and then find a UTube presentation with someone explaining what you need to know. It is not always convenient to have the computer in front of you while undertaking the assembling process, so you try and take notes from the UTube presenter. Even that can be a difficulty if he uses technical terms which you are not familiar with. In frustration, you give up with the idea of trying again and find someone who is more qualified to complete the task on your behalf.


The problem of trying to understand seems to relate to many aspects of life. If I only knew how the surgeon can undertake keyhole surgery; if I could understand the mathematics used by scientists, engineers, and other highly qualified occupations. Then there is the science of the world and why it turns the way it does; what was the process followed in determining the longitude and latitude and why was this important. We could go on wondering how can we understand many aspects of life and may never fully understand everything.


There was a man who had heard Jesus speaking and had witnessed some of the marvellous things that Jesus had done for people. All of this he could not fully understand, so decided the only way was to seek Jesus out and ask him how was it that he could perform these signs if he did not have God with him. He had heard the talk that if anyone wanted to be part of the kingdom of heaven, he had to be born again. To this man, Nicodemus, it was a problem of how could anyone be born again. He could not understand this as it seemed, humanly speaking, an impossibility.


After hearing Jesus talking to him about a spiritual transformation, which essentially means, God takes our old self and regenerates it through the supernatural work of taking out that part of one’s life which sin has taken over, and making one spiritually alive. This must have made Nicodemus even more confused. Jesus says it happens much the same as the wind. We cannot see the wind but the evidence of what it can do. So it is with when the Spirit of God comes into your life.


There are some things that can only be explained from experience of the change that comes to a person’s life who believes. Through belief there is hope. It is not a hope of maybe or uncertainty, but the guarantee to all who will believe.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that who ever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)


Robert Arnold

Pastor, Kyabram Baptist Church





























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