Patterns of Life


In many fun parks, they have the House of Mirrors that cause a great deal of laughter as people walk past and see how their images have been distorted. The mirrors have different shapes and sizes that make you look taller or shorter, fatter or thinner, and as you walk by they often distort the way you walk.

With modern digital photography technology, there is available specialised software which makes it possible to distort the image of people in the photograph. We often find these distorted images used to portray people not in a very favourable way. With the posting of these images on social media, though done so as a joke, often causes pain from the unkind remarks of those who see the change as being funny.

There are many street artists who have the ability drawer a caricature of someone but the difference is that it is quite acceptable to the person sitting for the drawing.

We can think of many other situations where different people report on the same incident and to gain some advantage from the event will distort the facts for the sake of a good story or to try to prove innocence or guilt, depending on the person relating the event and their motivation.

The idea of distorting the facts is not something new. For one of the great distortions has been the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was the Apostle Paul’s experience who on his missionary journeys had started Christian churches. In one such place was Ephesus, and when he was leaving, he warned the new converts that there would be people who would come into the church, and some who were already there, would come forward and distort the truth trying to convince them of another or a return to the old ways. Unfortunately, the problem of distorting the word of God has continued, trying to convince other than the truth it contains. Despite all the attempts to distort the word of God, and the church, we are assured that it will not be destroyed. We have hope in this as the church is more than bricks and mortar. It is the faithful servants that have a faith from which they cannot be moved.

Robert Arnold,

Pastor Kyabram Baptist Church.



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